If you’re getting up there in years, you may have questions about whether or not you’re too old to have dental implants. You may wonder whether dental implants work just as well for older patients as they do for younger ones, or if there is a different success rate based on your age.

    You’ll be happy to hear that dental implants are just as successful in older patients as they are in younger ones!  Dental implants are the standard of care for the replacement of missing teeth.

    People are living longer and healthier lives nowadays, and it is not uncommon for people to reach the ages of 85, 90 or beyond. Over the years, many older people have lost their teeth to decay, gum disease or failed restorations and end up with dentures or partials, which cause further bone and tooth loss. Many have worn dentures for years and been unhappy with them because of their many inadequacies. (*See our article on 12 REASONS TO GET RID OF YOUR DENTURES)

    In your older years, especially once you’ve retired, you probably love to spend more time socializing, eating good food, and spending more time with family and friends. This is much more enjoyable without the embarrassment and difficulty that comes with the use of dentures.

    After all, QUALITY OF LIFE is very important. Dental implants can dramatically improve the quality of life in older patients by allowing them to eat better, get better nutrition, stay more social, and lead active and healthy lifestyles.

    So, no age is too old for dental implants. A reasonably healthy person with even a few years of life expectancy can safely and predictably have dental implants, thereby improving the quality of their life.

    When we evaluate patients for dental implants, we look at the following factors:

    • Oral health
    • General health
    • Bone health
    • Medications

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