Bob: I had a, a bad problem of grinding my teeth and thirty years ago I had some beautiful teeth and you know they slowly got worse and worse and worse and then of course I started having cavity problems and my regular dentist told me, look they’re not going to last your lifetime, so your face would leave the dentures or, or, or you know redoing your mouth.
Dr McFadden: Many patients find us because they’re at the end of the road on their dental history. They have neglected their teeth or they’ve had habits that have caused their teeth to wear down to the point where they know they have to do something and they present sometimes after many decades of problems and they’re ready now to, to fix those problems the best they can afford to. A lot of the patients fall into the full mouth reconstruction category which means they need every tooth in their mouth addressed in their treatment.
Bob: When I finally went to Dr McFadden I was looking to him for a permanent solution and something that would last the rest of my life obviously and then calmly brought me into his office and literally wrote down on a piece of paper, here are three different proposals after weighing it I’m decide to take the highest possible option for me which was to put crowns on every two.
Dr McFadden: When Bob came to the practice it was a really fun appointment, he was instantly charming and fun to be around and, and we became friends throughout his treatment. When Bob arrived he had, had four decades of tooth grinding and ended up with almost no, no two structure left and his wife hated his smile. We were able to use all of his teeth and perform certain procedures to allow him to keep his natural teeth and improve the way they look through crown treatment, one of the funniest things about Bob is that he carries his before and after pictures on his IPhone. He shows everybody. He shows people that don’t care at all what his teeth look like and how great his teeth look now.
Bob: He cares incredibly cares how, how good your teeth are. A little bit obsessive compulsive three years but, but it works out in your mouth to be beautiful.