Dr. David McFadden: To answer your question of course, there is a direct link between the effort made by the dentist, the effort made by the laboratory technician to create that product and I think its segues nicely into why are our fees higher than the average general dentist.

Dr. Alan Paradis: Well the speciality training that we receive gives us the ability to discern quality, long lasting, good dental treatment from that which is lesser available. The quality of dental laboratory work very so much because I think this is still treatments that have to be created by human hands and that’s the problem with dentistry in that there is no amount of technology, no amount of corporate money that can change the need for the dentist to be able to fix the tooth. And that is what still dentistry is all about.

Dr. David Mc Fadden: Because our standards are so high, our cost to make something is significantly higher than our colleagues. The laboratories that we use charge us three and four and five times the amount that many of the competitor laboratories charge but what it translates to for consumer, for our patient is hopefully a much longer success of that particular tooth that particular restoration. So the age-old adage of you get what you pay for isn’t always true in dentistry. But as a patient’s the consumers are careful enough to do the research we clearly see in our practices that longevity of our restorations more than justifies the slight additional cost.