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Reviews for Dental Implant Center


- Charlotte L
Mar 31, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden has been taking care of my dental issues for nearly twenty years and I hope to many more ahead. Both Dr. McFadden and his entire staff have always been welcoming, friendly and professional. I have referred them to my family and would gladly do so to anyone who needs great dental care.

- Mirela Condoianis
Mar 23, 2021 | Source: Google

Love doctor Mc and his staff. Always attentive and caring for his patients. D and staff extremely friendly and helpful

- Larry M
Mar 20, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden and his staff are very professional but at the same time they're very down to earth. I felt comfortable and any tension I had was put to ease immediately. Dr. McFadden went thru all the options for me to consider, the timeline on what to expect for each option and the total cost for each. He's very knowledgeable and personable which I admire and respect. I'm very satisfied with my choice on visiting his clinic and confident in his abilities to perform an outstanding job on the treatment I choose.

- David Clark
Mar 19, 2021 | Source: Google

"Linda is the sweetest hygienist who immediately made me feel comfortable. She went over my history thoroughly and listened to my concern over sensitive area. She made sure she was gentle and that I never felt pain. I had my teeth whitened the same day with Donna. She was always checking that I was okay during the whole process. Linda even checked in on whitening progress between patients and was genuinely excited for me. I am so happy with the results. I absolutely love this office and staff!"

- Carolyn M
Mar 17, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

My experience at the McFadden center has always been wonderful. The entire staff is always super nice, helpful and attentive. There hasn't been a concern that I had that did not receive full consideration and adequate treatment. My gratitude to all!

- Mirela C
Mar 11, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Dr McFadden and his team are the best in town. Always has the latest technology and makes the experience as painless as possible. He is a perfectionist, which is just what I want from a dentist.

- Scott Susens
Mar 11, 2021 | Source: Google

Great experience consulting with Dr. McFadden! He gave us information on several choices of treatment and prices. Wonderful office staff also!

- John
Mar 10, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Had my first visit with McFadden Dental Implant Center recently to have an x-ray taken and to talk with Dr. McFadden about my options as well as cost. The facility is very nice and well kept, the staff is very friendly and professional and Dr McFadden explained my options to me and answered any questions I had. The whole experience was very positive for me. I feel like I will be in good hands with any and all future procedures I may choose to have there.

- David C
Mar 9, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Very welcoming and friendly. I hate going to the dentist, but these folks make it a pleasurable experience!! Well done!!

- Jim W
Mar 3, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Great staff, great service, especially during covid times. Quite appreciative for helping me resolve TMJ.

- Felipe Monroy
Feb 20, 2021 | Source: Google

"These people are not only the most knowledgeable, but also exceedingly courteous and respectful. Dr. McFadden is an absolute amazing. His dental abilities are nothing short of the best I've ever seen. Wish I had come to him sooner. I cannot think of anything negative to say about him, his clinic, or his staff. Life changing experience for me as he is installing implanted dentures, so I finally will have teeth again."

- Brian C
Feb 12, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Every business should be this well done. Immaculate facility, friendly and professionally staff. Absolutely top shelf service.

- Paul
Feb 11, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

The whole staff was welcoming and very attentive to all my needs . I’m really looking forward to getting the work done there.

- Mechelle W
Feb 9, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

This dental practice is a breath of fresh air! The staff are friendly, kind and competent. Dr. McFadden is an expert who cares about his patients and his work. The entire practice has integrity. I'm very grateful to have found it

- Sarah O
Feb 4, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

I highly recommend Dr McFadden for your dental needs! I am so thankful I listened to my gut (and the other reviews) and selected Dr McFadden to be my oral surgeon / tooth implant doctor! I can say without a doubt that Dr McFadden is the BEST dentist I have ever visited (and his entire staff is wonderful too!). Not only is Dr McFadden great at the work he does, he is also calm, kind and respectful! I have never had to wait for my appointments. He runs a tight ship! If you are needing a dental implant (or other dental work) feel confident to put your trust in Dr McFadden. He has made this process a very positive (and easy) experience! I am very grateful that I found this wonderful doctor! I finally feel like I have a dentist I can trust!

- Diane B
Feb 2, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Over the last year or two, I have had nothin but pleasant experiences with my hygienist. She is very gentle since I have Very tender gums. She is very professional and keep me on the right path. Thank you Dr. Mcfadden.

- Michael S
Jan 20, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Great experience with McFadden Dental today!

- Mark H
Jan 20, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Dr McFadden is hands down, the absolute best dental experience i could ever have hoped for.. extremely knowledgeable, awesome bedside manner, 100% caring and concerned for the best outcomes for his patients. Anytime I had any kind of substantial procedure performed he called me personally, later that evening, to check on me. He also examined a friend of mine, and gave us some advice for her without charging me a dime. Dr McFadden is to Dentistry, what Dr. Ron Paul is to Liberty... DEDICATED.... They don't make them like this anymore..!

- Jimmy Gipson
Jan 15, 2021 | Source: Google

Professional Excellence!

- Cory M
Jan 12, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Highly efficient and friendly practice. Dr. McFadden is very professional and the staff is great!

- Harry
Jan 9, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

Very good experience with my appointment, it was clearly explained to me and what I should expect during the surgery and post surgery, and he did spent significant amount of time to explain how he is different from other dentists. Staff in this location is great as well and I had the first appointment at 6:30am in the morning, and they were ready for me.

- Pratyush
Jan 7, 2021 | Source: Office Visit

My dental health had experienced the attention of several dentists and specialists. Not one was able to remedy my situation. Not in Chicago. Not in San Diego. Not in Maryland and not in Budapest, Hungary. Yet here in Dallas, Texas the answer was waiting for ME . I will gladly share my journey if you wish. My highest accolades and respect to Dr McFadden

My dental health had experienced the attention of several dentists and specialists. Not one was able to remedy my situation. Not in Chicago. Not in San Diego. Not in Maryland and not in Budapest, Hungary. Yet here in Dallas, Texas the answer was waiting for ME . I will gladly share my journey if you wish. My highest accolades and respect to Dr McFadden ">
- Anonymous
Dec 23, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

A lot of work at one time, done masterfully and painlessly! Dr. McFadden is a perfectionist and you can be sure that he gives you the best treatment snd outcomes! Staci, who is always there to assist makes the experience comforting and can relax even the most apprehensive patient!! I would never trust any other dentist to do this type of extreme work! Love him and trust him totally!

- Suzi S
Dec 16, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

All I can say is WOW!! Dr. McFadden is a true artist when it comes to implants and truly cares about his patients. He is thorough in explaining options and truly wants the best outcome for the patient. He is the best in Dallas, in Texas and, I am convinced, in the nation.

- Julianne Parker
Dec 16, 2020 | Source: Google

Teeth cleaning and X-rays. Great job. Staff great as usual.

- Jackie W
Dec 13, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Everyone was exceptionally friendly and courteous and knowledgeable. Prices were great and everything was discussed thoroughly the whole time.

- MM
Dec 11, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I had implants put in in 1995 and my Dentist has since retired. I bounced around four other Dentists with fair or poor results with not only poor dental practices but also poor service with the staff at the practices. I found Dr. McFadden a year ago and feel like I am home again. Not only is he the most knowledgeable dentist (better than my original), he and his staff are extremely careful and attentive to my comfort and needs.

- Al Doan
Dec 9, 2020 | Source: Google

Dr. McFadden and his staff are the best in the land. They are always professional and concerned about doing the right thing.

- Lori Ericsson
Dec 7, 2020 | Source: Google

Safety, comfort and competency to the patient are always first!

- Susan M
Dec 1, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

"I came to Dr. McFadden because of the reviews and he exceeded expectations. The dentist is one of my least favorite things and he made it as bearable as possible. Their covid protocols were also fantastic. All around great experience and I’m glad I stumbled on this location. You won’t regret it."

- Paul
Nov 20, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

"Linda Stacy and Stephanie were wonderful... always a pleasure to be treated so well and with all the kindness!!! Thank you"

- Kevin M
Nov 18, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

For the last few months I have been avoiding contact with the outside. But after reading the precautions Dr. McFadden's staff has adopted, I felt relatively safe, at least for a cleaning... Staci came out to my auto, led me in, took my temperature, and then directed me to the lavatory for a wash up. Linda sat me in the chair, and initiated her professional cleaning. As soon as she was through, Dr. McFadden came in, looked at a couple of issues, and counseled me on my 80 year old teeth. It was over in an hour and I was directed out of the office, having made contact with only those three people. I was safer there than any other place I have visited since this virus started. I would encourage all of his clients to continue their normal dentistry schedule. I believe his office is as safe as it can be.

- Marshall Simmons
Nov 14, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Where do I start Dr.Mcfadden and his staff is absolutely awesome . Stephany , Staci and Linda his hygienist. Anyone that knows will tell you going to dentist cause me to get very anxious . Since I’ve been going to Dr.Mcfadden any fears I previously had I can say are all gone. Dr.Mcfadden is very patient with me he explains everything in great detail . I have some work to be done but I confident that I will get the results that I’m looking for while under the care of Dr.Mcfadden and his magnificent staff 😊

- Trina Ervin
Oct 28, 2020 | Source: Google

Best dentist in Dallas. Very caring and supportive during my visit. By the way, I have asthma and the hygienist was very attentive to my special needs.

Oct 26, 2020

LOVE THIS PLACE! If you ever come in, I highly recommend Linda! She is AMAZING! I got a cleaning done recently & my teeth felt so good & clean!!

- Tina Tran
Oct 22, 2020 | Source: Google

Where do I even start with how grateful and happy I am to have come across Dr. McFadden? Choosing a dentist truly was scary for me. I have always had such bad experiences since a child. But after a few consults with a couple of dentist I was so pleased with how passionate Dr. McFadden was with his job. From his amazingly detailed website to him sitting with me for as long as I needed to show me his work, giving me options, to answering all my questions. He never rushed me out, but instead showed me he cared to inform me on everything I needed to know. I can say I've never walked into a surgery with so much peace. He was reassuring and so gentle. I will forever be grateful for his heart and compassion for me. I also cant say enough wonderful things about his staff. He truly has the kindest most sweetest people working in his office. They all made me feel so calm and loved. I hope to forever have these people in my life because that's how grateful I am for all of them. If you are looking for a dentist that truly cares about his patients and work PLEASE don't pass the chance to meet with Dr. McFadden and his staff. I promise you that you will see that everything I've said is true. BEST dentist and staff I've ever came across!

- Selina Garza
Oct 21, 2020 | Source: Google

I took my son to see Dr. McFadden for the first time, and the experience was exceptional! I will continue to bring him there. He was super comfortable with his visit! Thank you!

- Sandy De L
Oct 15, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I have been under Dr. McFadden's care since moving to Frisco 8 years ago. My husband and I did a lot of research to find the best Dentist in the area and Dr. McFadden is the best. Both my husband and I had complicated dental issues requiring implants, and Dr. McFadden did a beautiful job. You would never guess that my front teeth are implants, and I had no complications. My teeth are beautiful--I get many compliments. The technicians and office staff are great for my regular dental care and questions--they are like family. I recommend this office to all of my friends. I trust Dr. McFadden--I know he'll take good care of all my dental issues.

- Bonnie Guz
Oct 11, 2020 | Source: Google

Dr McFadden took the time to explain various options, rather than pitching one option that is best for his business. Also, for some of the work Dr McFadden could do those parts, but he gave me names of other professionals who may be even better for those parts in my particular situation.

- Ray Morris
Oct 10, 2020 | Source: Google

During this time of COVID-19 with all its restriction McFadden Dental Implant Center continues to provide outstanding dental treatments and exceptional care about clients. Check-in and Check-out procedures are adjusted to the regulation, however, there is no impact on customers.

- Anonymous
Oct 10, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I always enjoy my visits to your office. I feel I am getting the best dental service possible and I enjoy the conversation and fellowship. The patients that I send to your office say the same thing. Please tell Dr. McFadden I am going to work on making that chlorotriflouride and I'll get him some. God Bless

- Nace Formagus
Oct 8, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden is simply the best. What more can I say?

- Steve Ward
Oct 7, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Making appointments, check in, check out were just heartwarming but efficient & couldn’t be happier with the kind skilled care we received.

- Susan
Oct 6, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden and his staff are always exceptional! They are quick and responsive. I appreciate all that they do!

- Chelsea M
Sep 23, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Great dentist and dental hygienist. Great sanitary  precautions. Feel totally safe going to Dr. McFadden's office.

- Dan T
Sep 17, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden's team works seamlessly to service the patient. Knowledgable, polite and listen well, it is refreshing to encounter these pros on a first visit. Several more appointments yet expect the best from his staff to continue. Well done, Dr. M and staff!

- Becca A
Sep 13, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

If you are looking for a prosthodontist I would highly recommend doing yourself a favor and giving Dr. McFadden a visit. My wife requires extensive work to restore her smile and Dr. McFadden gave us an excellent presentation of care needed to correct her situation. We have visited numerous offices looking for different options and it was clear that Dr. McFadden's practice is superior to many different offices. Lets be real, the Dallas area is heavily saturated with businesses trying to sell implants. I think that's the issue with implant procedures, is that they try to "sell" you implants. It clear from the onset that Dr. McFadden is not merely trying to operate a business but rather he has his patient's best interest at heart, and seeks the best remedy to a situation. He is very thorough at keeping you informed and is honest in his evaluation. Every office in the area has the latest greatest in technology, leaders in their field, and every affiliation and membership under the sun. What can't be earned through smoke and mirrors is a sense of trust that your dentist is doing what's best for you rather than padding their bottom line. If you do your homework on procedures you can truly see the difference. Truly, do YOURSELF a favor and give him a visit. If you've shopped around for implant procedures I would bet you come out with a different perspective and a new standard by which to hold dental providers to.

- Daryn Y
Sep 2, 2020 | Source: Google

If you were like me who has been looking for the best dentist in DFW, has been spending a lot of time reading reviews of each that show up, good and bad, making sure you’ll get your money’s worth, look no further. I’m saving you time from all that. I have searched and looked at each dentists’ websites in Dallas and their SMILE GALLERY, nitpicking on the slightest of details and have found Dr. McFadden’s the closest to looking like natural teeth. I couldn’t agree more to the positive reviews here. They also take COVID19 precautions/safety procedures more seriously which made me feel safer to be there. The staff and Dr. McFadden are all wonderful and kind people. They’re in good spirits, just the perfect atmosphere to be in if you’re anxious being at the dentist. They have state of the art equipment. Dr. McFadden is really thorough, you don’t feel rushed, he really listens and takes his time to check your concerns and will tell you if it’s an issue or not.

- Ged
Sep 2, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden is absolutely wonderful! He is always informative and helpful. He includes you in what the best decision for your care is. I brag about him and my smile to everyone! Between him and his staff, I know I’m in great hands anytime I’m there!

- Chelsea Mince
Sep 1, 2020 | Source: Google

Best dental implant surgeon in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Mc Fadden’s faux teeth look real and they changed my life. They work better than my real teeth. He is expensive but worth it.

- Dawn Carmichael
Aug 19, 2020 | Source: Google

Need update of implant after about 15 years. Called for appointment and they found my records ASAP. On arriving at new office facilities, I received VIP professional services. The repairs to the denture was completed in about 15-20 minutes. A tour of the facilities complete my visit. On my way home with repaired implant in less than 40 minutes from door to door. Treated a 91 year old guy with very professional treatment. Maybe a little pricey, but worth every penny.

- Robert L Ware
Aug 13, 2020 | Source: Google

Excellent. Friendly, thorough and extra safe precautions!

- Janet L
Aug 13, 2020 | Source: Google

Dr McFadden and his staff consistently go above and beyond with their service and professionalism. The office is immaculate and the equipment is state of the art. My entire family goes here. Highly recommend!!

- Nancy
Aug 12, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Very professional. Super conscientious regarding Covid protocols. Felt 100 percent safe. Always a good experience.

- Stephanie S
Aug 6, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I recently went to Dr McFadden for an evaluation to have my implants repaired. I was met promptly at the front door, went into a clean and sanitize environment and felt very safe and well cared for throughout the procedure. I have been apprehensive to go to a doctor's office during this time but after this visit I feel very safe and confident and schedule my procedure. I have the utmost confidence in Dr McFadden and his staff to protect my health as they are extremely professional in everything they do.

- Lynn D
Aug 5, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I started with my implants in 2005 with a very capable Dentist who retired 6 years ago. Since that time I have gone to 5 different Dentists and left them for various reasons but mostly because of their inattentive attitude and rude, uncaring staff. I found Dr. McFadden through his web side and have found that I finally have a Group that not only is very knowledgeable and caring but willing to go the extra step to ensure my comfort and confidence. I highly recommend Dr. McFadden and his staff to anyone needing implants or maintenance of them. Regards, Alan Doan

- Alan D
Aug 4, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Great. Friendly, efficient, thorough service!

- Janet L
Aug 2, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

What a very down to earth personable team of people- Dr. McFadden and his entire crew- lovely girls with very sweet dispositions on day one. I felt more than comfortable and left with the confidence that he would care for my issues and letting me decide what I'd like to do- and how he could do his best to accomplish this colossal feat- Dr. McFadden listened and best of all he 'heard' what I was saying- there are other reasons I took an immediate liking to him- and I told his tech why and we both laughed- if you have to navigate through rough dental waters- I think he will be an excellent Captain.

- Deanna K
Jul 31, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

The atmosphere is welcoming, office is meticulous and no wait time Employees are wearing appropriate COVID 19 attire which is IMPORTANT to me as I go through cancer treatment. Employees are consistent, hospitable and professional and we have become friends as well. I am fortunate to be their patient. Thank you.

- Patricia H
Jul 30, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFaddin is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge in his field. He provided me full upper implants about two years ago. His facilities, staff, combined with his ability to make you feel at ease is unparalleled. His credentials are top notch I would recommend him highly. Personally speaking, I would never seek another to provide this type of care.

- Kimberly H
Jul 30, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Exelent care always.

- Maria N
Jul 29, 2020 | Source: Facebook

First visit but very impressed. Great folks.

- Ron H
Jul 29, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden has done all of my dental work (implants, bridges, & crowns) for the last 12+ years, and I could not be happier with the outcome. He & his team are the best that I could ever imagine or hope for. If you need dental/restoration, David McFadden is the man to do it.

- Norman Preskitt
Jul 29, 2020 | Source: Google

My experience at McFadden Dental Implant Center is always a great! The Staff, Dental Hygienist, and Dr. McFadden are very nice and Professional. Their COVID-19 protocol provides a safe environment for all patients and assures peace of mind during the entire experience. I highly recommend MDIC to anyone who cares to have their dental needs performed with professional expertise. My only regret is I only see them twice per year.

- Mitchell L
Jul 28, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I’ve been going to Dr McFadden for about 20 years. He does excellent work and is a perfectionist. I have been recently and the staff takes all the precautions necessary to ensure safety during these unsure times with the virus. As a bonus, you get to hear some interesting stories from Dr McFadden, but it is a one sided conversation, since your having work done on your mouth! Do yourself a favor and make your appointment with him today!

- Vickie G
Jul 24, 2020 | Source: Facebook

Excellent, safe service during pandemic.

- John C
Jul 22, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

This was my first consultation with the Implant Center. The staff and overall experience was EXCEPTIONAL! I was quite nervous about all things COVID and DENTAL. No worries..everyone I encountered from entrance to exit, including Dr. McFadden made me feel welcome. The office was inviting, comfortable and most importantly relaxing. I am excited and looking forward to what is to come!!

- Tina N
Jul 21, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I went to McFadden Dental Implant Center for a consultation. I was very happy I selected this particular doctor. After my consultation I feel very confident using Dr McFadden for my procedure. Dr McFadden is a very knowledgeable doctor with many years of experience. He also has a comforting presence! Everyone I encountered at the office was pleasant and nice to be around. I didn’t have to wait for my appointment and it all went efficiently and quickly.

- Diane B
Jul 17, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Had an Appt for a consult for a tooth extraction and possible implant. Dr. McFadden took a look and said, "want to get it pulled today" Sure! Numbed me up and tooth was out in minutes. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Can't recommend enough.

- Allen M
Jul 16, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Wow, I was impressed by the whole office, but especially so with Dr.McFadden. Not only is he a genuinely nice guy, but is super knowledgeable. While I have yet to have any work done, all initial impressions are superb.

- Brian
Jul 14, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

David and the entire team are just great ...

- Kathryn Maher
Jul 14, 2020 | Source: Google

The staff at McFadden’s Dental Implant Center are fabulous, they are always friendly & professional at what they do to make you feel comfortable before every check up. I highly recommend going to get my teeth cleaned & worked on here!

- Phan M
Jul 9, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden and his entire team are always so informative and professional. His work is precise and beautiful therefore I wouldn't put my trust in any other doctor because I know, with him, I'll get top notch results.

- Deanna Jost
Jul 5, 2020 | Source: Google

Professional and clean as always. They fit me in at the last minute to fix a broken crown.

- Anonymous
Jun 25, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Always treated great. When I leave the office my teeth feel like new. Best cleaning and overall service. Thanks.

- Manuel Santoya
Jun 18, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I recently moved back to Dallas and went back to Dr. McFadden and the experience has been great. I had my implant done by him in 2003 and it has held up nicely and was looking to get some other work done. The staff is all very knowledgeable, have your best interest at heart and like other dentists will not have you do any unnecessary work. This will be my forever dentist office for cleanings to more major work. I just had two veneers for my chipped front teeth, they are just temporaries currently but even those look awesome!

- Katie Chandler
Jun 16, 2020 | Source: Google

Teeth cleaning as always great!

- Jackie Williamson
Jun 16, 2020 | Source: Google

Always a pleasure to work with Dr. McFadden and his staff. He’s honest about treatment needed and so professional and friendly. His office staff is outstanding. I live in Mansfield but it’s worth the drive to get such outstanding care!

- Reni C
Jun 11, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

What a team! The McFadden team is organized and so focused on service and safety I could not have felt better. Thank you for taking care of me.

- Anonymous
Jun 4, 2020

Excellent tooth cleaning with xrays and follow up form the dentist. Always learn things about optimizing my dental ablutions!

- Anonymous
May 24, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Best dentist in Dallas, very caring and personable.

- Coy M
May 22, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

McFadden Dental Implant remains totally patient oriented with a well-qualified, compassionate and friendly staff ready to greet and treat you under the well-trained direction of Dr. McFadden. From the moment you enter their office , to the time your treatment is completed, you feel you are in safe , expertise hands . Also, This facility is deserving of an A++ for COVID-19 protocol and cleanliness as every aspect of your personal health has been addressed.

- Susan M
May 20, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

The best practice and staff ever! Fried, good at their job and efficient!

- Elena K
May 19, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

From Very start to finish it was excellent! Everybody was very nice and professional. Dr McFadden explained the entire procedure with different options. I was very pleased to be able to sit down with him and discuss my concerns about this extensive procedure I was considering undertaking. After my appointment I have decided this office is the one I am going to trust to care of my specific problems.

- Cory M
May 15, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

My appointment was excellent as usual. The whole staff is incredible. Need a dentist, then Dr. McFadden is the dentist to call. Their work is excellent, from dental hygiene to dentures & full mouth implants! I am currently doing all of them. My thanks to McFadden Dental Implant Center.

- Dianne
May 14, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

They were able to get us in the same day, provided extra safety measures to ensure our overall experience was a safe one during this time, and his staff exercised fun all while maintaining a professional demeanor. We will definitely be using their services from now. This visit was by far our best dental experience yet!

- Kristabelle D
May 6, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

AMAZING AND LIFE CHANGING! I am a retired dental hygienist and was facing the loss of my teeth..I was in despair when Dr. McFadden took me under his wings. I had previous dental work that was disastrous and had little trust in any dentist..My experience with Dr McFadden turned my life around! I told him that he was FABULOUS but that doesn’t even begin to describe him as a person or his incredible skills as a dentist. HE IS AWESOME! EXTRAORDINARY! SMART! INVENTIVE Zane most of all a quality human being! I now have teeth that are beautiful and permanent! It has improved the quality of my life ten fold! I could not be more grateful that I walked through those doors to a totally professional , compassionate and caring office with the greatest staff ever! I only wish I was able to express myself more eloquently, but I just want to say I thank God everyday that I have Dr. McFadden ! He’s the BEST!!!!!!

- Suzi S
May 6, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

What a relief to finally have occlusion in the back of my mouth! Thank you so much for doing this! My bite has opened up more on the right in the back & is now higher than it was when I left but this is a good thing as in order for the muscle spasm to release, I have to hit on my teeth. Teeth that are too low does not release the spasm for me. The new bridges are beautiful and so well made. And I can walk better now. As always, you do beautiful work.

- Anita
Apr 30, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I had sever and almost unbearable pain with a bottom molar. I called the office and they got me in ASAP, under an emergency situation. My tooth had a rotten root canal and an abscess had developed. The bad tooth was removed and I will wait until it is time to insert the implant. Very “swanky” office with state of the art equipment, wonderful staff and a caring and an excellent doctor. Thank you for relieving my problem.

- Chris W
Apr 30, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

My appointment was so appreciated. Dr and nurses very nice and sincere. The new office is so clean and beautiful. Looking forward to seeing them again soon for more bridge work.

- Coynella M.
Apr 24, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Highly efficient and friendly practice. Dr. McFadden is very professional and the staff is great!

- Harry K
Apr 21, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Excellent Dr McFadden best in Dallas

- Jackie V
Apr 15, 2020 | Source: Facebook

I needed some emergency attention on a tooth! I was stunned someone called me back immediately and they had me come in! IN?? While the world was shutting down due to coronavirus?? I arrived and called them upon my arrival. They requested I wait in my car for a couple minutes while the last patient was walking out. When it was clear - I walked in and they immediately checked my temperature. They were STILL taking appointments but being very very cautious!! WHO does this? Outside of my house I never felt safer in any other place of business. Oh yes!! He fixed my minor issue and I was out in record time!! I love this Doctor AND his staff! Have for over 20 years!!

- Karen D
Apr 15, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I hadn’t been to a dentist in decades, but after my husband went to Dr McFadden for his issues he convinced me to face the music. I am so glad I did and have total faith in Dr McFadden. I know he will fix me up so I can feel better about my smile. Thanks to all!

- Julie R
Mar 20, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Best dentist in Dallas. Very caring and supportive during my visit. By the way, I have asthma, and the hygienist was very attentive o my special needs.

- Joseph B
Mar 19, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Had a super thorough cleaning from Linda. I appreciate the extra care everyone in the office provides. I can tell Dr. McFadden has very high standards for ALL and certainly hires the best.

- Anonymous
Mar 12, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

The most thorough cleaning I’ve ever had! Hygienist Linda was delightful. Dr. McFadden is a dental artist and perfectionist, which I appreciate. The office staff are all kind, caring and professional.

- Diane
Mar 11, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Love everyone in this office! From Stephanie’s warm welcome, the BEST cleaning by Linda & Stacey totally taking care of you with pre procedure arranging and heart felt instructions. They really offer outstanding personal care!

- Judy Watson
Mar 10, 2020 | Source: Google

Outstanding as usual

- Ivan
Mar 4, 2020 | Source: Facebook

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