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These are reviews for the Dental Implant Center in Dallas, Texas.

Reviews for Dental Implant Center

Love everyone in this office! From Stephanie’s warm welcome, the BEST cleaning by Linda & Stacey totally taking care of you with pre procedure arranging and heart felt instructions. They really offer outstanding personal care!

- Judy Watson
Mar 10, 2020 | Source: Google

Outstanding as usual

- Ivan
Mar 4, 2020 | Source: Facebook

I don’t think I ever looked forward to my dentist appt. The staff is just so amazing and professional I love being there. You sit on that chair and you simply know you are in the best hands. Dr. McFadden is simply amazing. Extremely professional, meticulous and knowledgeable. If I moved cities, I would even travel to see him.

- Mariana S
Mar 4, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I went to Dr. McFadden after a disastrous encounter with another dentist in Southlake. I sent a text trying to plead for help and got a response within an hour! I went to consult with Dr. McFadden and he was so kind and reassuring. Today, I’m on my way to recovering and could not be happier with Dr. McFadden and his entire staff. I did a lot of research before calling him, and as a retired dental hygienist, I can only say that he is the ABSOLUTE BEST in Dallas/ Ft.Worth! I trust him totally!

- Sue Ann Schieda
Mar 2, 2020 | Source: Google

Whenever one has an emergency, concern or is uncertain, as was my case, the team at McFadden always rises to the occasion. Immediately they responded to my call, adjusted the schedule and made certain I was seen. Afterwards skillfully analyzed and resolved my problem. Dr McFadden’s expertise continued to amaze me as well as Stacey and medical staff. But is doesn’t stop there, equally the business office matches that quality of service. One of the best decisions I ever made was engaging McFadden.

- Dennis
Feb 28, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Everything about this office was 1st class from my first phone call to my "After" photos. The staff made me feel like a VIP from day 1 and Dr. McFadden was thorough, gentle and extremely precise in the details of my treatment. I had been to several other dentists to try and fix my mouth. I had knocked out my two front teeth (car accident) & had bone damage and two other Drs without good results. I suffered with issues for many years & had almost given up, until a coworker told me about The Dental Implant Center. Dr. McFadden spent time with me explaining the details of the various options available, (there were several), and helped me decide which route to take. I can tell you that he is a miracle worker. He was extremely picky with every detail of my treatment. Even when I was satisfied-he wasn't- he thought it could be improved on "juuuust a little more"...! And he took extra time to make things as perfect as humanly possible. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results! Call him!

- BB in Dallas
Feb 16, 2020 | Source: Healthgrades

Excellent Experience! Best ever!!

- Joan B
Feb 13, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I felt very welcome by the staff and Dr. McFadden. I also feel that Dr. McFadden can help me with my dental implant problems, which is such a relief. Dr. McFadden was friendly, very professional and knowledgeable and understood my issues and made a plan to address them. I have great confidence that he and his staff can help me.

- Carol B
Feb 11, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden came to my rescue in a couple of emergency tooth situations and has had to fix what the other dentists messed up. As he is a perfectionist, I feel confident that each crown or implant that he has done for me will keep me in good shape for a long time. I highly recommend Dr. McFadden.

- Sue Middleton
Feb 8, 2020 | Source: Google

Dr. McFadden is simply THE very best at his craft. He recreates smiles like an artist with amazing attention to detail and perfection. He is innovative and spared me a bone graft, by simply thinking differently and being on the cutting edge of techniques and technology. He is also a great human and a delight to go see - even if he is giving me shots in my mouth. :-)

- CS
Feb 7, 2020

Dr McFadden is the VERY best in class at what he does. He has deep care for his patients and is a total perfectionist in seeking the best outcome for each individual. He is smart, funny, talented, great bedside manner and a rockstar - making people feel confident to smile again.

- carrie palin sandstad
Feb 6, 2020

Dr.McFadden is the most sincere dentist I have ever met.

- Ekaterina
Feb 6, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

"Linda is an excellent dental hygienist. She is a throrough professional; and I got a perfect dental cleaning!"

- Anonymous
Feb 5, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Great job!

- Jim W
Feb 5, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr McFadden and his staff are exemplary. I did some research on dental implants and visited several local doctors. Dr McFadden was by far the best choice. His technical knowledge, experience, and passion around his craft is very impressive and what made my decision easy. He makes you feel very comfortable with the process and explains it in great detail which I very much appreciated. After 30+ years of wearing removable appliances, I am so glad I made this decision to go with implants and using Dr McFadden. Not only has my eating improved and much more enjoyable, but my smile is amazing and I’m gaining more self-confidence daily. I would highly recommend Dr McFadden for implants, appliances, or any general dentistry. A perfectionist that you will truly appreciate. Top notch customer service!

- Danny Lawson
Jan 26, 2020 | Source: Google

The hygenist who cleaned my teeth was thorough and did not hurt me at all. I hadn't been to the dentist in a while, so this was a positive experience. Dr. McFadden was to the point and kind and gave me a mouth guard for grinding I was unaware of. I am very pleased!

- Dana H
Jan 23, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Dr McFadden and his staff are exemplary. I did some research on dental implants and visited several local doctors. Dr McFadden was by far the best choice. His technical knowledge, experience, and passion around his craft is very impressive and what made my decision easy. He makes you feel very comfortable with the process and explains it in great detail which I very much appreciated. After 30+ years of wearing removable appliances, I am so glad I made this decision to go with implants and using Dr McFadden. Not only has my eating improved and much more enjoyable, but my smile is amazing and I’m gaining self-confidence daily. I would highly recommend Dr McFadden for implants, appliances, or any general dentistry. Top notch customer service!

- Danny L
Jan 22, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I never had a bad experience in Dr McFaddens office. The staff is very friendly and professional. Appointments organized and waiting time is minimal. I have been a loyal client for many years.

- Rachel
Jan 15, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I had a wonderful experience. Linda did a wonderful job cleaning and polishing my teeth. Dr. McFadden is always a pleasure to see and converse with regarding my dental health, as well as business, economy, politics, etc. The entire staff is always kind, courteous and makes me feel welcome. Outstanding work indeed!

- Mitchell L
Jan 15, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

Wonderful staff made me feel right at home. Everyone was extremely happy and friendly. The best highly recommended.

- Mark J
Jan 14, 2020 | Source: Facebook

Best hygienist. Great front office.

- Dicki
Jan 8, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

"I couldn’t imagine ever seeing another surgeon for my implants. I had cracked my piece and they got in, in spite of the holiday schedule. I absolutely love Dr. McFadden and the entire staff! Thank you ladies for your kindness and always making me feel so special!"

- Susan M
Jan 4, 2020 | Source: Office Visit

I was referred to Dr. McFadden several years ago for a second opinion. I’m so glad that I went because he saved me from having unnecessary procedures done! I haven’t been to another dentist since then. His staff is great and it’s always a pleasant experience. Dr. McFadden is a perfectionist and I highly recommend his services!

- Ann Mottershaw
Dec 26, 2019 | Source: Google

Dr McFadden and his exceptional staff have corrected a number of progressing dental issues that arose from my own neglect and the poor performance of my previous dentist. My only regret is that I didn't come here sooner! These folks are the best!

- P W
Nov 27, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Had a great experience. Dr. McFadden is very knowledgeable and personable... a real pleasure. He also has many before and after photos for patients to look though which really helps familiarize you with the high quality of his work. He spends the time to help make you comfortable with the process, too!

- Emily
Nov 12, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

I highly recommend! The entire team gave effort to make me feel comfortable throughout the process. They succeeded! Dr. McFadden is amazingly detailed at his work and has a drive for perfection. It was a great experience!

- Rashelle G
Nov 5, 2019 | Source: Google

Everyone in this office is so friendly and of the highest standards.

- Judy W
Nov 3, 2019 | Source: Facebook

Just finished follow-up on my brand new uppers Dr McFadden gave me an A+ for following instructions regarding the extractions and told me to come back in three months. I have been told now by someone who counts that I am now an 80 year old "real looker". I will now be using his office for all of my routine dental work on the lower jaw. Excellent service from a true professional. I will recommend him to anyone in need of dental work.

- M.S.
Oct 24, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

I learned about Dr McFadden from one of his patients. My 80 year old mouth was a mess and I had no idea what he would recommend. He poked around for a few minutes, making notes about all the casualties and took x-rays of those that were still standing. He then asked me what I expect the results should be from his work. We agreed implants were not considered due to my age and the severity of my case. He recommended 7a partial denture to be the appropriate remedial procedure. They took impressions and scheduled another visit to remove the damaged teeth, (there were eight). He said it would take one and a half hours to prepare my mouth and fit me with the new denture. Amazingly, he finished right on his schedule. I walked out in 1 1/2 hours after 8 extractions, several stitches, and a perfectly fitted denture. I couldn't believe it. This guy is amazing...I would recommend him for any dental procedure that he is willing to tackle. Marshall S. Denton TX .

- Marhsall S
Oct 18, 2019 | Source: Google

This was my first experience with McFadden Dental and I am truly impressed!! I had a “dental emergency” and sent them an email from their web page asking for a consultation. To my astonishment, I received a call less than three minutes later even though their office was closed for the day. I explained my problem and was offered as appointment at 6:30am the next morning. Upon arrival, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. I needed to have a front tooth removed and an implant put in its place. Dr. McFadden and his staff are absolutely AMAZING!!! He is the consummate professional and has surrounded himself with a staff of the same caliber. He explained the procedures and advised me of all the possible outcomes ... some were better than others but all were good. He began around 6:45am and I was ready to go by about 9:30am. He removed the tooth, put in an implant, and, although he could not actually attach a temporary tooth at that time, he gave me a removable appliance so I

- Crested
Oct 18, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

My wife has been Dr. Mcfadden's patient since last 20 years. We have always found him to be very professional, courteous and compassionate. He is an expert in his field. We travel from Austin to visit him bypassing probably thousands of dentists.

- Aly Hussaini
Oct 17, 2019 | Source: Google

"He’s the best!"

- Libby G
Oct 11, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

"Great customer service as always. Got me in quickly and took care of my issue. They are hard to beat."

- Mark B
Oct 10, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

"Very nice and professional .. I will definitely recommend everyone to this dental and implants office."

- Anonymous
Oct 3, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

"Went to Dr. McFadden for a second opinion for a frontal tooth implant as being without a front tooth for 6-8 months WAS NOT AN OPTION!! The alternative was a “flipper” which would have to removed to eat or an Essex Tray which was like a whitening tray with a front tooth it it! Again, NOT AN OPTION!! He came up with a 3rd and option I could live with . Pull the front tooth and put a three piece temporary bridge so I could continue to eat without removing them for dinner; then 6 months later a permanent partial for about $5000 less than the implant. Love Dr. McFadden"

- Pam H
Sep 29, 2019 | Source: Facebook

I had a great experience at the Dental Implant Center. I came in for a consultation because I am missing several teeth. Everyone was really nice and Dr. McFadden spent about an hour with me going over my different options. He never seemed like he was rushing me and he answered all of my questions with patience and understanding!

- Lindsey
Sep 25, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Dr McFadden is a true pro with state of the art facilities and a very polished and skilled staff. He inspires confidence in his treatment and everyone makes patients whether new like me or long- term feel valued and important . He also did an amazing job with a complicated procedure for my lovely wife Camille , who sold me on the need for these services for my replacement crowns. Wonderful combination of technical skill and empathy all too rare but precious when found!

- Scott King
Sep 20, 2019 | Source: Google

Met with Dr McFadden in Jan of 2018. As stated before I was very comfortable with the confidence he has especially when he said he could do implants where a competitor said they couldn't. The process started in Feb of 2018 with full upper implants. Everything he said would happen, happened and by Dec. we were done. It was nice to smile again. Then in March of 2019 we started with full lower implants. Again everything went perfect. In August we were done. I had forgotten what it was like to eat with a full set of teeth. Dr McFadden is a perfectionist and it shows when he is finished. All great professionals have to have backup and the Team that Dr McFadden has put together is just flat out awesome. Staci and Stephany up front handling insurance, scheduling and any information you need are two of the nicest people I've met in my life. And it doesn't stop there. When work meets the road, in the back office, Melinda, Stacy and Maggie are in unison with Dr McFadden like a ballet.

- Jim H
Sep 17, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Broke a front tooth off on a Friday,day before game day TCU. They scheduled me in the next morning, fixed me up with a retainer to hold my broke tooth in place and saved my weekend. Now working on a permanent fix. Dr. McFadden and Stacy were completely awesome.! Very satisfied customer.

- Don B
Sep 12, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

I would rate ten star!!! Every one in the office is so sweet, warm and welcoming. Dr McFadden is so caring and knowledgeable. I only wish I met him years ago for my dental care.

- Emily H
Aug 29, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Could not speak more highly of this place! Very clean facilities, super friendly staff, and most importantly, the dental team is extremely professional, transparent, and honest.

- Patrick R
Aug 28, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Dr McFadden's work was the most comprehensive of any physician I have ever encountered. His pursuit of perfection along with his expertise and natural ability was beyond measure. The staff was in perfect sync and was there within a moment's notice, even when Dr McFadden was out of town (they were beyond competent). Lastly but not least, the business was in perfect harmony and (Staci) treated my insurance as if were her own, provided guidance, representation, expertise as well as absolute diligence in achieving results. It's impossible to provide a better reference that is rightly due to Dr McFadden and staff.

- D Alan
Aug 22, 2019 | Source: Google

Dr. McFadden has been my Dentist / Prosthodontics provider for approximately 16 years. He’s the best of the best and we make the drive from Plano to Dallas because we trust and value the service we receive from him and his office staff! -Anonymous

- Anonymous
Jul 24, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Always friendly from Dr McFadden to office personnel! Beautiful clean office. A pleasure to visit! - Reni C

- Reni C
Jul 19, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Very good experience, Dr McFadden and his staff friendly and helpful. My teeth and I are very happy we went to see Dr McFadden! - Janet L

- Janet L
Jul 18, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden spent a lot of time with me going over all options and answering all my questions. Most of the time you are passed off to staff to explain the details. Although I haven’t had the implant yet, you feel comfortable and confident about everything that will happen. - Caryn M

- Caryn M
Jul 18, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Excellent hygiene appointment & dental exam. The staff & Dr. McFadden are very thorough & knowledgeable about what they do. The office is immaculately clean & very professional. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a world class prosthodontist who knows how to do high quality prosthodontics.- Anita

- Anita
Jul 18, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Everyone in that office treats you very kind! Dr. McFadden is gentle and you won't be disappointed to be in his care! They work on a good schedule, so you don't have a long wait. There is nothing I would not recommend about their Implant Center! Jo C

- Jo C
Jul 15, 2019 | Source: Facebook

Linda is a very thorough dental hygienist at the implant center. I recommend her 100%! -Anonymous

- Anonymous
Jul 10, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Excellent 😊

- Anonymous
Jul 9, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

"We found Dr. McFadden by doing some research of reviews and recommendations from people we knew. Our previous dentist did a number of things wrong. Dr. McFadden showed us the problems and gave explanations supporting his conclusions. We are in the process of the corrections now. The things that have already been done have proven him correct." -Reid & D

- Reid & D
Jul 6, 2019 | Source: Facebook

I cannot say enough wonderful things abound Dr. David McFadden and his entire staff. They do everything to perfection! My implant and crown are absolutely perfect...color, placement, and feel. I would drive however far I needed to have Dr. McFadden and his staff taking care of my teeth. If you need implants or to improve your smile, you are most definitely in great hands with this dental implant center!!. Thank you all so very much at Dental Implants Dallas. -Anonymous

- Anonymous
Jul 4, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

"The Best." -Paul

- Paul
Jul 4, 2019 | Source: Facebook

Dr McFadden is great along with an awesome staff. Patrick K

- Patrick K
Jul 1, 2019 | Source: Facebook

Excellent teeth cleaning as always by Linda. Also, close to Sewell dealership to get free car wash!

- Anonymous
Jun 27, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

I was referred to the McFadden Dental Implant Center by my dentist who could not take care of my needs. (Broken tooth and a broken crown. These were working with an upper partial. I was given an appointment with in two days of talking to the Center. I arrived for my first appointment to a warm greeting at the office and was quickly taken back and my needs taken care of quickly. Dr. McFadden is one of a kind. He is a book of knowledge about what can be done immediately and how he can take care of my dental needs in the future. I am elderly and I am so glad I found the right dentist to take care of my needs in the future. I had a first rate experience with everyone I was in contact at the Center. This a State of the Art facility. Thank you!

- Anonymous
Jun 20, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Very thorough, personable with genuine concern for the patients welfare. Quenton G

- Quenton G
Jun 19, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Best dental work I've had done in 40 years. Not just good, but a perfectionist. Top level of care from the entire team with full Pre care preparation and Post support. Jon T

- Jon T
Jun 13, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Hands down, best care ever received by any dentist I've been to. Not only were they helpful in getting me, as a new patient, in on a next days schedule for a dental emegency i had but the care the Dr. Mcfadden and his entire team showed from beginning to end and then well after the visit made a fearful dentist goer, no longer fearful. Thanks yall.

- Joshua Demrow
Jun 12, 2019 | Source: Google

I had dental work done by Dr. McFadden 5 years ago. Recently, I had a dental emergency two days before I was scheduled to leave on vacation. Dr. Fadden not only took care of my dental needs, but he got me in before normal business hours so that I could catch my 8:45 AM flight. Dr. McFadden is the BEST!!!! - Dwayne Rodgers

- Dwayne Rodgers
Jun 10, 2019 | Source: Google

I conducted some extensive research prior to choosing an implant dentist for my wife two years ago. I knew that she would be a challenging patient because she had an extreme fear of dentists and had avoided dental care for many years. I was shocked at the wide range of qualifications and experience among dentists working in this area. Dr. McFadden is, by far, the best implant dentist in North Texas! Dr. McFadden holds the highest level of dental implant board certification from two different organizations (very few implant dentists have achieved this). He was a faculty professor at U. T. Southwestern and established the implant center at that facility. I was well aware of the high level of qualifications of U T Southwestern faculty from my previous experience auditing clinical studies at that facility as an FDA Investigator. His office and staff exemplify a strong emphasis on providing the highest level of patient care rather than the high turnover/profit motivation that has plagued many of the implant practices in the area. He makes no misleading claims of "same day service". He will, instead, spend as much time as necessary with each patient to insure strong bone structure for the implants. Dr. McFadden has repeatedly demonstrated a determination to achieve the best possible outcome for each of his patients. The bone preparation was especially challenging in my wife's case and, on one occasion, he had commented to me that he had actually lost sleep over deciding the best approach in her case. She now has the most gorgeous teeth that I have ever seen and I honestly don't believe that another implant dentist could have achieved those results. I recently dismissed my own long time dentist and became one of Dr. McFadden's patients after realizing that I had not been getting anything close to the same level of dental care. This guy is simply that good!

- Phillip Waldron
Jun 8, 2019 | Source: Google

I’ve never been disappointed w service, quality or time. The entire staff is outstanding! Linda did an awesome job cleaning & removing tea stains from my teeth. I truly feel safe & I’m at the best place possible. Thanks ❣️ A G

- A G
May 30, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. McFadden and his staff are the best. I recently had an early morning flight going to Florida on vacation. Dr. McFadden met me before his normal business hours to take care of my dental needs. I am grateful for the care, expertise and attention that he shows to his patients. - Dwayne R -

- Dwayne R
May 27, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Excellent dentist and staff. I found them through some of their videos and research. Dr. McFadden is one of the best dentist/oral surgeons that I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot. He analizes your dental problem then lays out the best plan for you. You get to sit down in his office and he shows you the x-rays and explains everything. He also fixes many problems that have been made by other dentists. Thanks Stefanie, for all of your help! Dianne A

- Dianne A
May 16, 2019 | Source: Facebook

Dr McFadden 's skill and expertise surpassed my expectations, he and his team diminished any fear I had going to the dentist.

- Heidi D
May 9, 2019 | Source: Google

I have been a patient of Dr. McFadden's for years. He and his staff are extremely careful and professional to serve the needs of their patients well. As a general rule, I dislike going to the dentist, but Dr. McFadden and his staff make this a very pleasant experience. And, their new office is beautiful and comfortable!

- Jim Walsh
May 1, 2019 | Source: Google

Dr. McFadden is so personable and warm and understanding and yet very professional and knowledgeable. He has 40 years of experience. All the other personnel from the receptionist to the financial manager to the dental technician who took my impressions were the same way. The office was clean and professional but it also had a warm feeling because of the people and the way that they all went above and beyond to try and help you. I had interviewed 7 other implant facilities prior to going to Dr. McFadden's office and with him being the only dentist/prosthodontist, I'm sure that he would provide much more of a personal touch throughout the process. Unfortunately, with him being the only dentist/prosthodontist, I was unable to afford his prices, although he did offer as much of a discount as he could. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to follow through with going there for my implants. If you can afford it I would say this is the place to go.

- Suzette C
Apr 30, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

My wife was a patient of Dr. McFadden before I was. Her case was challenging since she was very apprehensive about dentists and had bone loss issues. I did extensive research before choosing an implant dentist for her and found that Dr. McFadden's credentials far exceeded those of anyone else in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He has extensive experience, the highest level of certification and was a faculty member at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center for a number of years (I knew from my previous experience at FDA that the U. T. Southwestern folks are the best in their field). He is also a perfectionist who insists on the very best results for each of his patients. He has chosen his staff carefully and each of them are as dedicated to patient care as he is. I immediately began to realize that I was not receiving the same level of care at my long time dentist (not even close)and am now also one of Dr. McFadden's patients. I only wish that I had found him sooner! - Phillip W

- Phillip W
Apr 29, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

I really like this dentist and his office personal ,Everyone was very cordial and answered my questions quickly.I have found my new long term dentist.

- James C
Apr 23, 2019 | Source: Google

We use Dr. McFadden for all our dental needs. His staff is the BEST. He does a great job though we don't need much other than cleaning. I recently broke a tooth and they squeezed me in and repaired it within a few minutes. His hygienist is extremely good, too.

- Dickie L
Apr 22, 2019 | Source: Google

I was very appreciative of the fact that you were able to fit me in for an appt. to evaluate & replace a crown that came off my tooth. We are visiting from Ohio & Dr. Michael Morgan from Ohio referred me to Dr. McFadden. Dr. McFadden took care of the problem & I was very satisfied. We come down to Texas to visit our children & grandchildren every year during the winter months & I will keep Dr. McFadden in mind if I need a dentist while down here in the future. Thank You.

Apr 12, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Had a very informative and comprehensive first meeting. Left with no questions unanswered.

- Anonymous
Apr 12, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

What I am most appreciative of is not the quality of his work, which is excellent, but the fact that he works very hard to make his patients comfortable and he stands behind his work.

- Beverly R
Apr 12, 2019 | Source: Google

After researching, I found Dr. McFadden. He and his entire staff me feel important, cared for and valued. I am pleased with the entire process and the professional service the entire staff provided.

- Tommie Hylkema
Apr 2, 2019 | Source: Google

Thanking mother earth for this talented "Human" being, who's canvas happens to be the mouth!!! I contacted the Office at closing time. The Receptionist/ Angel who answered the phone made me feel at ease with my Emergency!!! You can feel the great positive, calming energies flowing throughout the office! Although,this was my 1st visit. Everyone made me feel right at home! (Yes! Even the lady at the "Pay Now" desk was a beautiful soul!) I will be here with Dr. McFadden until my demise!! Thank you, Sir!! For your services and for all you and your beautiful staff do!!!! Sincerely grateful, Alonzo Jr.

- Alonzo Jr.
Mar 25, 2019 | Source: Facebook

Exceptional people that provide exceptional Service and results. David D

- David D
Mar 21, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

I went to Dr. McFadden for an implant a few years ago after doing extensive research to find “an expert” in the field. Good implants are an expensive and time consuming affair and I wouldn’t trust just anyone. Dr. McFadden exceeded my expectations. He was very thorough and answered to all my crazy concerns. He even called me at home to check on me which was very impressive. Most doctors never take the time. I recently decided to try him out for my general dentistry needs and was further impressed. I don’t have particularly bad teeth and I’ve come to expect that most dentists will attempt to find something wrong in my mouth that needs very expensive work. Dr. McFadden pushed absolutely nothing on me but offered great suggestions about some simple cosmetic issues I had concerns with. No oversell! He has definitely earned my trust and respect once again. I loved my hygienist Linda too! Very thorough and friendly.

- Kelli
Mar 20, 2019 | Source: FaceBook

I Highly Recommend Dr. David McFadden. He literally worked a miracle on me. I had been in so much pain and miserable for so long. I had lost almost all of the bone in my upper mouth. He grafted to the bone and was able to give me a smile that I can/am so very proud to show off. He is compassionate and caring. As well as being an amazing Prosthodontist. I would give him 10 stars if google would let me!

- DMA Tree Service
Mar 17, 2019 | Source: Google

After an unqualified dentist put me through the hell of 2 failed implants, I came to Dr. McFadden for help. My mouth was a disaster of complex problems. Dr. McFadden’s expertise made it possible for me to have the most beautiful smile I have ever had and now I can even chew!!! I am so very grateful for the masterful way he addressed my dental problems.

- Anonymous
Mar 11, 2019 | Source: Facebook

Love, respect, admire, absolute trust are just a few of my feeling for Dr. McFadden. I have known Dr. McFadden for many years and he has always had my back. Due to insurance, I had to go to another dentist for a set of dentures. That Dentist made me look ridiculous with horse teeth that were way too big for my face and mouth. Called Dr. McFadden and he took me in and got me fitted with the proper teeth size, color and fit. You see other dental clinics and the people representing their work, but just remember when you go to those places you have to use just one set of teeth. They do not customize size, color or fit. The Staff for Dr. McFadden‘s office have been there for years. He does not have a lot of turnover in the staff. That shows you how good he is to work for and with. You can always tell a good environment by the way the staff relates to the dentist.

- Marcia M
Mar 11, 2019 | Source: Facebook

Great service - very caring professionals. Joseph BC

- Joseph BC
Mar 7, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

In 1995, Dr. McFadden was recommended to me by my (minor salivary gland) surgeon.  I can highly recommend Dr. McFadden for implants or anything else regarding teeth! The office is beautiful, the staff wonderful and friendly, immediately making one feel at home and safe in their space.  Although a bit pricey, it is a pleasure to be in this office, confident that I am always getting the best treatment possible. Also, parking is plentiful and right at their front door!  Charley Tamblyn

- Charley Tamblyn
Feb 22, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Dr. David McFadden and his staff provide the ultimate in prosthodontic and dental care, along with world-class client service! His new office is state-of-the-art; and, also includes a professional photography studio, where Dr. McFadden extends his gift of photography by capturing clients’ beautiful new smiles! Upon entering The Dental Implant Center, you are greeted by the receptionist, Stephany, who always shares a welcoming smile and warm hospitality. Next, is Staci, the office manager, who meticulously handles insurance, client files and instills continued customer care. If it’s time for your 6-month cleaning, I highly recommend Linda, the dental hygienist. Linda is the best of the best (as is the entire staff). Now to my most recent appointment, earlier this week. I am one of those lucky people with the “bad teeth” gene. One day my teeth will be fine, the next, one will become infected. In addition, I have “never” had a pretty smile; thus, Dr. McFadden and dental assistants, Staci (yes, there are two Staci’s in the office), Melinda and Alisha to the rescue! For 4 hours, this team worked with precise diligence on my dental needs. Their professionalism, humor and genuine client care, kept me relaxed and laughing (whenever feasible). Dr. McFadden is a perfectionist giving 110% and maintains a high work ethic, which is exactly what I want when someone is working on my teeth. Staci was highly skilled working alongside Dr. McFadden. Melinda and Alisha were on-point to assist. The most rewarding part of my appointment was that Dr. McFadden and his team gave me the gift of a true smile (mouth open) for the first time in my life! They did so with bonded composite veneers. (My goal is for Dr. McFadden to change them to porcelain veneers in the future.) Once the veneers were done, it was time to freshen up makeup. Thoughtfully, Alisha offered to assist, which I so appreciated. Then, it was down the hall to the photography studio to capture photos with my new beautiful smile! Staci, Melinda and Alisha upped their already amazing game by making sure my blouse, stance, etc., were perfect, while Dr. McFadden proved his definite knack in photography. There’s much work to be done in following appointments…with Dr. McFadden and his staff, it will happen. It’s still sinking in that this is really me with such a pretty smile! It’s never too late to make a positive change! If you’ve been “thinking about it”, I highly encourage you to pick up the phone and call their office. Thank you, Dr. McFadden, Staci, Melinda, Alisha, Staci, Stephany and Linda! I greatly appreciate you!

- Sandra Mullins
Feb 22, 2019 | Source: Google

I had the first implant put in in the early 1980's in San Diego. Then I moved here to Dallas. Unfortunately, the implants require much attention. They require a part change every single year. Dr. McFadden just "took it in stride" and has worked with me in keeping this implant in good working order. In the near future we will have to come up with an alternative as they no longer make the replacement part. I trust him to find a way through this "dental implant maze." He is truly #1....everything is done in detail with great care.

- Karen Decker
Feb 22, 2019 | Source: FaceBook

Go see Dr. McFadden and his team. You will never want a different dentist. Dr. McFadden and his whole team is fantastic. They took a 3D image of all of teeth. Then Dr. McFadden sat down with me to show me my x-rays and we talked about different plans for my teeth. He was extremely pleasant and really helped me with different options and the the complete procedure.

- Pogojejo
Feb 19, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

I have been a patient of Dr McFadden for 10 years! He has always been an utmost professional, a perfectionist (because it DOES matter), and most importantly, a master of the art and the science of dentistry. Additionally, he is a pioneer if the latest and most effective medical technologies available. Simply Excellent! I can't say enough positive references about Dr McFadden. My best compliments to you Dr are to keep referring family, friends, and co-workers! Thank You Dr McFadden.

Feb 18, 2019 | Source: Google

I loved the staff and the dentist. They met all my expectations as a customer and for the service I needed. Highly recommended.  Maria L.

- Maria L.
Feb 15, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Some are satisfied with mediocrity and some continue to strive for excellence. Dr. Mcfadden belongs in the second group and it is a small group indeed. His expertise is beyond reproach. He runs a friendly and efficient office and has the latest equipment to assist him with diagnosis and treatment. That’s only part of what sets his practice apart. The rest is fueled by his compassion and dogged determination to be the best. It’s hard work to get to the top and stay there but he seems to be blessed with an unending supply of energy. I am in the process of having some bad dental work redone here. I have to ask myself why I didn’t come here first. I guess we all make mistakes. Thanks Dave!!

- Steve W
Feb 13, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mcfadden. They don’t come any better. I’ve known him for maybe 25 years and have the utmost respect for him both as a professional and as a friend. You won’t find anyone who can take care of your dental needs as well as he can. Going anywhere else would be a waste of time and money.

- Steve Ward
Feb 12, 2019 | Source: FaceBook

Dr. McFadden was amazing. Always checking to make sure I was comfortable, staff was very helpful and amazing as well I highly recommend Dr. McFadden to do any dental work to anybody

- P Kaska
Feb 11, 2019 | Source: Google

Dr. McFadden has been my primary dental care provider and a wonderful friend for almost 25 years now. His professionalism is extraordinary, and his dedication to patient advocacy is second to no other medical professional I have known in my lifetime! Early in our association, Dr. McFadden made it his mission to insure my dental needs were meticulously met, in his office, in referrals to other specialists, and through his frequent and tireless intervention with my medical insurance providers. His superb professional skills and his deep commitment to thorough and open communications guarantee any patient the most successful and satisfying dental care experience anywhere in the DFW metroplex. As long as Dr. McFadden's practice is open, I'll not be seeking dental care anywhere else. AND, Dr. McFadden's patient advocacy is shared by his staff members I have known over the years. Not only have I been warmly welcomed by all the staff members, I have felt respected and valued.

- Guy H
Feb 9, 2019 | Source: FaceBook

Very good. I feel Dr McFadden is very thorough and capable. I feel I can trust his diagnosis and treatment plan. Nerieda R

- Nerieda R
Feb 7, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Had a small problem, they saw me immediately and fixed it first time.

- Mike
Jan 18, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Absolutely first class in every facet of operation. I would highly recommend Dr McFadden to anyone in need of dentures or implants. Staff and assistant were wonderful as well. Nothing but good to say about this organization. Larry McSpadden

- Larry McSpadden
Jan 18, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Through the years I have spent a lot of time at various dental establishments, none with the professionalism of Dr. McFadden and his outstanding staff. The new location is as pleasant and warm as the greetings you get when you walk in. The procedures preformed is second to none!

- David Collins
Jan 17, 2019 | Source: Google

No need to go any further if you are considering getting an implant or any other procedure from Dr. McFadden you can do it knowing that you are in the hands of a true professional and a man who truly cares about his patients. I was one of his first patients and I won’t let anybody else touch my teeth. I can’t give this man high enough praise!

- Russell Williams
Jan 17, 2019 | Source: Google

State of the art facility and a professional, caring staff. I recommend without hesitation!

- Grant B
Jan 17, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Linda did a great job of cleaning my teeth. I am not a great patient and have a lot of anxiety when having my teeth cleaned, but she was so professional yet fun that it was a comfortable experience!

- Jim W
Jan 17, 2019 | Source: Office Visit

Dr McFadden is the absolute the best. The office is gorgeous, the staff is wonderful and I just cannot say enough nice things about how I was reassured during the whole process. I always feel so relaxed, even when getting local anesthetic administered, because of the confidence I have in Dr. McFadden. The office staff is just all-sum .Thank you Dr. McFadden and everyone in the office for the great experience! -L. Pennington

- L Pennington
Jan 15, 2019 | Source: Google

Linda was great!!! Provided feed back and made my dental appointment pleasant. Dr Mcfadden came to talk to me and provided an update. The front desk was great and made me feel comfortable. I can’t wait until my next visit! Manny Santoya

- Manny S
Dec 13, 2018 | Source: Office Visit

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