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Reviews for Dental Implant Center

Professional and knowledgeable staff, make you feel comfortable.

- Sharon K.
May 22, 2015 | Source: Facebook

My appt was at the time they scheduled me for. Following a good cleaning by an experienced, polite assistant, I was offered a cup of coffee, which hit the spot on that raining afternoon. It was a comfortable, pleasant experience, and most definitely nothing to fear. Very helpful and professional staff.

- SM.
May 16, 2015 | Source: Facebook

Dr. McFadden is compassionate, skilled and the best prosthodontist ever. I have been seeing prosthodontists most of my adult life. Dr. McFadden was recommended to me by my oral surgeon several years ago when I was in need of a prosthodontist experienced in full mouth reconstruction. My hometown prosthodontists were unable to provide the treatment I required. My husband and I traveled across the country to receive Dr. McFadden’s expert care. Dr. McFadden was outstanding from the first moment we talked on the phone, to when we met in person and over the course of my treatment. He explained everything, provided constant reassurance, and displayed exceptional skill from start to finish. He immediately gained our complete trust. His professionalism and skills are second to none. Dr. McFadden demands only the best from himself, his staff and for his patients. He sincerely cares about them. My cross-country travel was well worth the incredible final results.

- Cindy Bitter
May 15, 2015 | Source: Google

Dr. McFadden came highly recommended and we were pleased with his confidence, expertise and explanation of procedures. Was there a negative to this visit? YES!... the price!!! Wishing there were better prices for retirees on a fixed income. That would be absolutely wonderful & would leave a better 'taste in our mouths.

- Don B.
Apr 17, 2015 | Source: Facebook


- James M.
Apr 15, 2015 | Source: Facebook

New implant and I are getting along famously. Feels like a natural tooth. Looks like one, too. The entire process was very straight forward and I would like to thank the staff as well as Dr. McFadden for explaining in great detail what was going to happen and why. It all worked just as they said it would.

- John C.
Mar 19, 2015 | Source: Facebook

Dr. McFadden and staff deserve a 6 star rating for going the extra miles to treat me as a patient with previous problems. I was so extremely troubled with having more work done on my mouth. Dr McFadden had No qualms taking over my case, rectifying my issues and then took the time to call me personally the evening after my surgery. The best experience ever with a dental office. Kudos to you Dr. David McFadden and your excellent staff.

- Alice Hassard
Mar 9, 2015 | Source: Google

For all "dental cowards" out there, I highly recommend Dr. McFadden. My teeth were destroyed by a pain medication I took for several years; the resulting infection moved into the bone and made an unholy mess out of everything. Dr. McFadden was compassionate and reassuring, and I never felt one bit of pain during the entire procedure. And here's the other half of the equation: his staff is wonderful, too. So often, a terrific doctor will have a less-than-enthusiastic staff, and it affects the quality of care. But every member of Dr. McFadden's staff is fantastic. The follow-up care has been just as caring and devoted to detail as the initial procedure, so I have only the highest praise for Dr. David McFadden and everyone at his clinic. I would love to give him a 10 star rating, if I could.

- S. Swan Thompson
Feb 2, 2015 | Source: Google

When I first visited Dr. David McFadden for some dental work about 20 years ago, I didn’t know what a prosthodontist was... or that I needed one... or how much I could benefit from this obscure specialty of his. I just wanted some relief from a toothache! But actually, my whole mouth was a mess – a product of poor genetics, neglected care and a chronic avoidance of dentists after horrific childhood experiences in the chair of a “family friend” whose dental tools and techniques were far better suited to CIA interrogation. Anyway, in Dr. McFadden’s hands, I had my first-ever really positive experience with the dental profession in 50+ years. Not only did he resolve my immediate problem but he brought a level of genuine empathy to the procedure that absolutely convinced me he was as concerned about minimizing my discomfort as I was. It was only gradually, over the next several years as Dr. McFadden began, step by step, to give me far better teeth, functionally and cosmetically, than I was born with, that I began to realize how lucky I was to have stumbled upon this guy. Not only was his specialty of prosthodontics precisely the skill set my poor mouth needed, but I discovered that he was widely esteemed among his peers for his mastery of it. More than once we had to schedule my appointments around his invitations to speak at conferences around the world. It’s certainly reassuring to hear that your doctor is highly regarded in his profession as “one of the best,” or to know he wrote the book that is considered to be "the bible” on what it takes to build a model prosthodontics practice. But, for me, the real proof that I’m getting the best possible care is the quality of work he’s done for me and the little personal touches he brings to every encounter I’ve had with him. Dr. David McFadden is a rare combination of a fanatical perfectionist in his work, yet someone whose easy, genial nature will make you feel supremely secure in his care.

- Ken Flick
Jan 7, 2015 | Source: Google

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