Board Certified Prosthodontist and Board-Certified implant Dentist, Dr. David McFadden, discusses the concept of the ever-popular Production Line Dental Implant Treatments, where ALL the patients get the same treatment.

Since no 2 patients or mouths are alike, the easiest way to do these treatments is to make the starting point for all treatments the same. The protocol for these types of offices is to remove massive amounts of bone to create a flat platform. Once that platform is flat, all the treatments are the same.

At the Dental Implant Center, we don’t believe in that treatment modality. Why would you take away healthy, precious bone and gum tissue only to replace it with fake bone and gum tissue? It’s Insane! Dr. McFadden believes in working with your mouth the way it is and customizing the treatment to fit your mouth, instead of changing your mouth- to fit the treatment.