Dr. David McFadden: Even my relatives from out if state will call me and ask me for a referral when they moved to a new city and it’s probably two weeks of leg work for me to actually to find a practitioner that can be trusted and then can actually do the work. It’s difficult referral to make if you are looking for quality dental care.

Dr. Alan Paradis: Why would someone wat quality dental care? Why wouldn’t they just want dental care? Isn’t it all the same?

Dr. David McFadden: Cheaper, faster

Dr. Alan Paradis: Is a crown the same as a crown in any given office?

Dr. David McFadden: Yeah I think that’s our Walmart mentality that we have developed over the past 30 years that buy a microwave from a Walmart is going to be the same high end appliance store. And we all know that’s not true, there’s different factories, different components, different quality. So yes dentistry of course you know is that particular product varies from one extreme to the other. We use magnification and lights when we do our dentistry. Our labs use microscopes when they make our crowns so of course with this, the expectation of the highest possible quality, we are going to do everything we can to produce that product so it can’t be done quickly. You and I have always complained that we wish we were faster but quality takes a certain amount of time you cannot rush it.