My specialty of prosthodontist really is the plastic surgery of dentistry and in order to have a successful outcome we want our patients to look beautiful and refreshed like the plastic surgeons do, but we don’t want anyone to focus on why that is and my specialty prosthodontist exists because we make people’s smiles as perfect as possible. We make people smiles perfect with veneers, crowns or implants, each patient has a tailor made treatment plan that we execute to give them the smile they’ve always wanted. It’s very profound the effect that teeth have on a person’s facial structures, part of the aging process is that people lose teeth or they lose bone and that changes their facial shape and it makes them age prematurely. So healthy beautiful teeth support the face and that is a part of what we try to do for our patients who are missing teeth. We certainly want to give them back a beautiful smile but part of the process is giving back the fullness and the youthful appearance from having the soft tissue restored as well as the teeth.

During our diagnostic phase we try to identify the problems with each patient smile. Some people’s teeth are too long. Some are too short. Some are too narrow. Some are too wide. So there’s a variety of ways that we can fix virtually every smile and part of the specialty of prosthodontist is to know the modalities that need to be employed to fix each patient smile and make it a custom beautiful smile. My approach to these treatments is that I want to partner with my patients to create a breathtaking functional smile and the end result is life changing for them but what I love is, it’s a life changing for me too, to see their reactions and to participate in that it’s a life changing for me as well. I think most of our patients who go through a smile transformation have greatly improved self-esteem and that’s one of the most satisfying part.