Board Certified Prosthodontist and Board-Certified implant Dentist, Dr. David McFadden, discusses the differences between the ever-popular “All-On-4” treatment and Implant Bridges.

He also discusses dental photography with “lips retracted”; revealing everything, not JUST the front teeth and lips, like we see in ads, or on dental website photo galleries. He challenges that with dental reconstruction “Before & After” cases, when they’re photographed to show you how beautiful a dentist’s work is, that it’s misleading to only show that part without showing the full scope of what’s “under the hood” so to speak, with the dental restorations they design and deliver in patients’ mouths; particularly with full mouth reconstructions. He argues that: If you cannot see the foundation or gum line areas of these full arch or full mouth restorations for a full close-up view, how can you truly judge the abilities of a dentist’s best work? (The work he/she’’s willing to put out there for all to see?)

He proposes that in order to be able to see a dentist’s reconstructive and cosmetic results, they should be willing to retract the lips in their photos and not ONLY show the front teeth and the smile, but the foundation, as well as.