Dr. Alan Paradis: Why are there so many dentists? Why are there so many dentists that they are willing to not only get this education at such a high cost? Why there is so much availability? Well let me just add that the need for download services is huge. The American Dental Association frequently gives the number of people that even attended dentist’s office once a year is less than fifty percent of our population. Is a huge unmet need for dental treatment and therefore on paper there is a huge need for more dentist. The problem is that our healthcare system doesn’t support dental care. Dental health, dental health insurance is very limiting and it does not at all. It doesn’t fit into the model of regular medical healthcare insurance. Dentistry is as Dr Mc Fadden mentioned a lucrative profession and by that we mean if you look on paper the average salary for dentist is ranks with physicians and other highly trained professionals and so this brings a huge demand for people to go into the profession. They are willing to take on this kind of debt because there’s an apparent guarantee of large income in the future.