Jim Knox: And welcome back to the Best Docs Network and we are excited to have to the program today prosthodontist Dr David McFadden and doctor I’ve got to get this right out, what is the difference between a prosthodontist and a regular dentist?

Dr David McFadden: That’s a good question Jim and I’m glad you asked because there’s a big difference. People can understand the difference in medical specialties. It’s like comparing a family practitioner to a cardiologist, in dentistry it’s the same general dentist go to dental school for four years to get a general dental dentistry license, prosthodontist go three extra years beyond dental school to learn in-depth treatments like reconstructions, implant dentistry, crowns, bridges, veneers etc. So there is a big difference between the two different forms of dentistry.

Jim Knox: So if I’m going in. I’m looking for a new smile or I need crowns. I’m going not looking really for a cosmetic dentist. I’m looking for a prosthodontist, right?

Dr David McFadden: That is correct in its earliest forms general dentistry was really in place for simple extractions fillings in the occasional crown, especially prosthodontist actually the word itself means prosthetic so anything that’s prosthetic crowns, bridges, dentures, partials implants should be handled by a prosthodontist someone who’s a specialist in prosthetic dentistry.

Jim Knox: So if we’re looking for a specialist like a prosthodontist, do we also paid a higher fee than compared to the regular dentist?

Dr David McFadden: On average no, you know the market is so competitive especially in the big cities that your average prosthodontist charges about the same as your average dentist for high end work.

Jim Knox: Okay. So the bottom line is this if I’m out there wanting some excessive mouth worked on whether a new smile, crowns you would pick a prosthodontist over a dentist because,
Dr David McFadden: That’s what we’re qualified to do and we’re trained for three extra years to do just that.

Jim Knox: There you go. Appreciate. Thank you very much doctor, Dr David McFadden on the Best Docs Network.