Dr. David Mc Fadden: No one gets kicked out of school.

Dr. Alan Paradis: Yeah I think it’s important to realize for public that the incentive for a given dental school to keep a student in class and graduating is in the neighbourhood of hundreds of thousands of dollars per student. Think of the tuition that a private dental school will charge loan per year to a student. Sometimes fifty sixty thousand dollars.

Dr. David Mc Fadden: So you’re now alumni of University of Maryland, is a hundred of thousands of dollars a year now. That’s tuitional loan.

Dr. Alan Paradis: And that’s a state university. When I graduated from dental school from university of Maryland in 1980. My student debt for all of my education eight years of which was fifteen thousand dollars and I think you can see now that it could easily be upwards close to half a million dollars. So when you have someone graduating with a license to practice dentistry and a debt of four hundred thousand dollars, you do the math on the pressures on the poor student so he needs to work, he needs to earn money fast and unfortunately the pressures on most humans are too great for the ethical of a professional dentistry.

Dr. David Mc Fadden: Well said, I would add to that. I like you. I have young people approach me frequently and ask me if dental school might be the right path for them and I’ll often say yes because I think it is still a great profession but I will tell them that even if you have to sit out a year, waiting to get into the right dental school and by right dental school, I mean that education is basically all the same but there are still double schools in America where their tuition is very reasonable. So if you compare one year of waiting versus half a million dollars of debt. I tell them just make sure you get into a dental school that has a reasonable tuition rate.