Implant Dentures (removable)

Implant Dentures (removable)

IMPLANT DENTURES (REMOVABLE)When the majority of teeth are moved and dentures become necessary, we have treatment options for both removable and fixed dentures at the Dental Implant Center. Daily activities like smiling, talking, chewing, and biting require dental prosthetics you can trust, and our experienced medical team can help.

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What are Removable Implant Dentures?

Dentures are dental prosthetics that replace a full set of teeth. Traditionally, these have been fixed into place using denture adhesives and creams, but these methods can be unreliable and lead to a lack of confidence while talking and eating. At the Dental Implant Center, we specialize in both removed and fixed dentures that are attached to dental implants for a more reliable, worry-free solution.

This treatment option is designed to be comfortable and convenient for patients:

  • For upper dentures, a common concern among patients is the extensive coverage of the mouth palate, which can make it more difficult to taste and enjoy food. With implant dentures, this problem can be successfully addressed by fixing the denture to four secure implants at the roof of the mouth. This technique allows the denture prosthetic to be smaller, increasing your ability to eat naturally.
  • Lower dentures are frequently more difficult to wear, as there is no suction to help secure the prosthetic into place. Patients typically have to hold it into place with their cheeks and tongue in order to keep it from shifting too much, but with just two implants placed into the lower jaw, lower dentures can be securely attached without issue.

What is Involved in the Treatment Process?

Depending on your individual condition and preferences, the process to place implants into the upper and lower jaw can take a few or several months, allowing enough time for the biocompatible titanium screws to properly adhere to the jawbones. The upper and lower dentures are then designed to fit snugly into the mouth to look and act like natural teeth. Removable dentures can then be taken out for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

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