Since the introduction of immediate temporization of dental implants on the day of surgery there has been a mad rush to provide as many patients with this treatment as possible. It is technically difficult, requiring some training and much experience, to convert a denture to a fixed provisional restoration (jumping the denture).  When the surgeons aggressively promoted the same-day, fixed restoration they were not prepared for the lack of manpower to actually perform the procedure. The procedure was oversold and the accompanying support was not available through their referrals.

    This is when “denturism” became more mainstream.

    DENTURISM is the practice or profession of a denturist.

    DENTURIST is a person who makes dentures. (In other words, a lab tech, not a dentist).

    The local dental laboratories were called upon to deliver prosthodontics treatment in the surgical and dental offices. Many times this treatment includes the denture conversion at the time of surgery and the entire prosthetic process. So, what does this mean? What does it look like in practice?

    Yes, a laboratory technician, (or “denturist”) is handling temporary cylinders and acrylic resin in a surgical site. They are also making final impressions, and in some cases, delivering the final prosthesis. Laboratories are now actively promoting this service and have it listed on their fee schedule.

    At The Dental Implant Center we strongly object to this violation of most state’s bylaws. We stand against the non-policing of the stance against denturism by the governing bodies. The saddest part is that the majority of offices in violation of these bylaws have a prosthodontist just a few short miles away.

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