Internationally known dental researcher/lecturer Gordon Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD, speaking at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry annual meeting, said that 99% of people missing teeth do not get dental implants. The specialty must become more mainstream and the procedure more affordable to serve this unmet need.

    Why Aren’t More People Getting Dental Implants?

    “There are 178 million people in the United States who are missing one or more teeth, yet only 1% of them get implants. That means there is enormous opportunity for dentists to add implants to their practices and help the procedure to become more mainstream. Of all implant cases, 9 in 10 require a single implant”, he said. Since many dentists don’t DO implant treatments, their patients are not even presented with this option. Therefore, they’re given only traditional options for replacing missing teeth.  This is a shame, considering the high success rate of implant treatments, and unfair to patients.

    In the U.S., 30% of adults between 65-74 years old have no natural teeth.
    As a result, seniors are a prime market for implants. Unfortunately, the cost prohibits many from getting the implants they need. “We need to serve this population with affordable implants that can improve their quality of life”, said Christensen.

    What is the Success Rate for Dental Implants?

    Luckily, for people who are missing some, several or all of their teeth, there are ways to replace them without having to grind down healthy, adjacent teeth; or having to suffer with bulky, removeable dentures. Today, thanks to dental implants, there are several different dental implant treatment options for restoring smiles and rehabilitating mouths. With a success predictability of 97%, the public needs to be made aware of dental implants as an option. Being given this choice will allow more people to receive a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth. This will greatly improve their ability to smile with confidence and takes years off their appearance. Most importantly, it will allow them to chew properly, allowing for a healthier diet.

    If you are missing teeth, consider seeing if dental implants are right for you!

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