Most Europeans can identify a U.S. citizen by their smile. Why do Americans put so much emphasis on our smiles? I am not sure anyone can accurately answer this question but smiles are important to us.

    It seems that every family has a turning point in one or two generations where the children get more than their share of dental care. As society has placed more emphasis on the smile, parents are very motivated to prevent their children from suffering the same social and financial dental problems that were expected in past generations.

    Early trips to the dentist and orthodontist were common starting about 1960. Now, U.S. citizens are known worldwide by our teeth. For older Americans keeping up with their smiles can be a full time commitment. Many middle-aged and older Americans have decided they have the time, motivation and means of turning back the hands of time for their smile.

    The dental specialty called “Prosthodontics” is tailor-made for this demographic. A “Prosthodontist” has three additional years of dental training in a formal residency program after finishing four years of dental school. A Prosthodontist is the expert in crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures and partials. Check out for more information.


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