Board Certified Prosthodontist and Board-Certified implant Dentist, Dr. David McFadden, discusses the common practice of dental auxiliary/staff discussing treatment fees and financing with patients instead of the doctor: How the doctor doesn’t (or won’t) discuss money at all. He doesn’t feel this is fair.
95% of dentists pawn you off to a staff member when it’s time to discuss the money. These treatments are very costly, and he feels that patients should be able to discuss this directly WITH the Dr. providing their treatment.

He also mentions here how unfair it is to force patients to pay in full – in advance – before they can even schedule their dental implant treatment. He references another video he made on that very topic. To watch the video he mentions at 5:02 about that subject, titled, “Do NOT Pre-Pay IN FULL for Dental Implant Treatment!” click here.